Thursday, March 1, 2007

Test 1

I plan to start my blog on April 1. But today is as good a time as any for a soft launch.

Today is a day like any other day. By tomorrow, today will be history. And that makes today special. Why? Because all of us have the capacity to make history. The difference is what kind of history we'll make. But one thing is for sure, we all make history.

Today Jirene had a huge molar extracted. And I mean huge. For a 10-year-old sweet little girl, she was brave. Her gums were already swollen and infected and when Dr Lawrence tugged at the monster, she cried quietly. After a couple more jabs around the sore spot, Dr Lawrence yanked and twisted before pulling out the bloodied bugger. I guess, this'll be one experience Jirene will remember. She was a brave girl.

One thing about making history. It's about memories. Some history reeks of foul recollections. Others sweet. When we make history, we must remember it's about creating memories. What kind depends on how we want to go which way and why...