Sunday, March 22, 2009

Almost Five Months

It's been almost five months since we made our move to Melbourne. Almost unbelieavable that our first month of vacationing in the Yarra valley and bushland regions have eased through a scorching summer into the routine of everyday life in cool autumn.

I am thankful our three girls have taken in the breadth and length of their initial transition so well. Janielle played the first time in church on her violin with the worship team at Casey Life International led by Charlene, who introduced a song she wrote. Really a beautiful piece that I can't see any less than those done by professional Christian song composers.

And Janna has also started on her violin and what is wonderful is she's enjoying the experience.

Jirene is just soaking in all the fun in school and the new learning curve that is unlike her previous homeschool.

We are praying naturally for them to move on either to select schools when they could focus on music and other pursuits that would prepare them for life and ministry instead of going through the usual regiment of earning their degrees to earn a better living.

And so we will anticipate God's further providence as His promises unravel down the path this year.


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